A Pathway to Hope that Heals

We provide financial assistance for wilderness therapy and coaching for the transition home to youth and young adults in crisis and their families in need.

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Financial Support

Easing the financial burden of wilderness therapy treatment.

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Aftercare Alliance

We offer coaching and resources from people who are experienced, understanding, and want to help.

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Cornerstone Community

We walk with you until it’s your idea to walk on your own.

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Stories from the Journal:
The Impact of Wilderness Therapy

“Before I went into Wilderness Therapy, I was fragmented, lost, and completely disconnected from reality. I couldn’t trust anyone and all options seemed bleak until I received a full ride scholarship to attend. Upon arrival, I knew I had found my safe haven and I finally got the help I needed. Being fully immersed in nature, guided by passionate and empowering staff, and presented with situations where I could learn and grow has given me the strength to keep moving forward. I’ve gained so many tools and resources to be my best self and have safe, mutually beneficial relationships. I can confidently say my life has completely changed because of Wilderness Therapy, and I’m eternally grateful to all who supported me. We were often reminded that “You get what you put in” and to “Trust the process”. So if you are on the fence about going to the woods to heal, hold these words close to your heart, open your mind, step up, and get ready for change.”

Our Program Partners


Sky’s the Limit Fund is bringing the wilderness therapy community together to share experiences, learn updates about the industry, and connect through parent support.

Our special guest and speaker is Will White, DA, LCSW, LADC, Co-Founder & Program Consultant at Summit Achievement. Will is a 30+ year professional in wilderness therapy, author, and podcast host of Stories from the Field. He’ll share his deep knowledge of the industry and speak about “How is Wilderness Therapy Evolving?


Wednesday, May 10th 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by a STLF Board Member (address to be provided upon registration)

There is no cost to attend.