Stories from the Journal:
Life-Changing Impact

Gratitude. Empowerment. Empathy. Understanding.

These are true the gifts of wilderness therapy.

Where we are today is a far cry from the crushing darkness in which we found ourselves 6 months ago. 

We sent our 17 year old to wilderness therapy, because we just couldn’t help him anymore; we were hoping the program would “fix” his hopelessness.

We have come to realize that wilderness therapy is merely a transitional moment in time, it is part of the journey designed to alter the trajectory or a life.

It is a change agent for the entire family.

Because of wilderness therapy, we now know our son in a more intimate way and have the ability to better support his development.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the diagnosis he received, the root cause of his heartache, anxiety, depression and self loathing. However, this knowledge, coupled with the work we did throughout the wilderness therapy program, gives us the peace and understanding we need as we start down a new path.

Before wilderness therapy, our son was broken in every possible way. And, he continues to face the difficult journey towards self-love and acceptance.

Because of wilderness therapy, he now has the tools and the emotional resources to try.

Sky’s the Limit Fund provides direct financial assistance to families who may not otherwise be able to afford the high cost of wilderness therapy and nature-based therapy programs for their child. We partner with programs that offer a reduction in fees in addition to the funding that STLF provides, further reducing the financial burden for the family.

To help more families access the life-saving and life-transforming treatment they need, give a gift to Sky’s the Limit Fund today.


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