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Launched & Unraveled: The Young Adult Phenomena


Joanna Lilley, M.A. Owner and Founder of Lilley Consulting

Chris Blankenship, LCSW, Senior Clinical Therapist - Transition Age Young Adults Group (18-20) at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy


Brenda Zane is a Sky’s the Limit Fund board member, Founder of Hopestream Community, and podcast host of Hopestream

About the episode:

Joanna Lilley, M.A. and Chris Blankenship, LCSW work with parents to understand and address the myriad reasons why young adults are so often unprepared for independent adulthood. They place added emphasis on the difficulty of leaving home in the tumultuous and unpredictable environment that COVID has created. Joanna and Chris explore alternate ways of preparing young adults to better address the stress, anxiety, and empowerment that can come from life as an adult working towards independence.

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