Written Testimonials

“Sky’s the Limit (Fund) provided an opportunity for our family to begin the healing process that would not otherwise have been accessible to us…At every point in the process we were met with kindness, grace, and a genuine desire to help…It is not an exaggeration to say that your help and support changes lives. Thank you.”

-Parent of a grant recipient

“I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend a wilderness therapy program because it allowed me to grow as a person both physically and emotionally. I climbed mountains that I never imagined that I would have been able to conquer and through this, I gained confidence in myself. Also…I grew to love myself and began to value myself more. This experience gave me the tools that I needed in order to continue to work on myself as a person so that I can succeed as an individual in the wilderness of the world.”

-STLF grant recipient

“I described my son as “off the rails” at age 16. He no longer went to school, smoked pot every day, and often stayed out all night doing who knows what. All wheels had left the track. His same-age cousin said to me one day, “You have to do something BIG to help him.” Like what? I thought. No way is my son going to agree to therapy or to attend a new school, let alone go to a boarding school that I can’t afford.

But it is my personal philosophy to never get painted into a corner. I know how to seek resources, especially when it involves my kids. I joined Willows in the Wind; a parent group for parents of tough teens. I hired an educational consultant recommended by this group. The Educational Consultant highly recommended I send my son to a wilderness program. Money had never been an obstacle before, but the costs of sending my son to a wilderness program were mind-boggling. I waited and watched as my son sunk further into petty crime and general malaise. Thankfully, one of the best referrals I received was for Sky’s the Limit Fund. I could not wrap my mind around the cost of a wilderness program. But the financial support from an STLF grant gave me the courage to pursue my son’s need for “something BIG” to gain back his mental and physical health. Today, my now almost 18-year old son is about to graduate from a boarding school in Utah. His journey was much more complicated than most teens, but the benefits of the grant from STLF for his wilderness program was a life-saver. Thank you STLF!”

-Parent of a grant recipient

We were at our wits end with our young adult daughter. We had tried every type of therapy possible to deal with our daughter’s anxiety and depression that made her hide in our apartment for days on end. And it was not until we enrolled our daughter in an intervention therapy wilderness program that we were able to finally get the right type of help in an incredibly positive and supportive environment that we could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. As our daughter started understanding what she needed to do to deal with her anxiety and depression, she started developing into a completely new person. She exhibits such self-confidence now that she walks with this new found swagger, and she looks so healthy and happy, something we have not seen from her in years!

And this could not have been possible without the grant and incredible support that the team at Sky’s the Limit fund provided. Having to ask for financial support is not something easy to do. But the people at STLF were so incredibly understanding and supportive that it made a process that is inherently uncomfortable, a pleasure to do. They were so passionate and validated what we have gone through as parents that it made us feel that we were ok and had done everything possible and this was the right next step for our daughter.

-Parent of a grant recipient