Wilderness Therapy Grants

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Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF) supports families of youth in crisis by providing grants to reduce tuition for Wilderness Therapy. By providing these grants, STLF is breaking the barriers that have previously denied financially struggling families the means to transform their child’s life through this effective form of treatment. See if you qualify for a wilderness grant, click Grant Selection Criteria or Apply for a Grant, for more information.

In the words of a grant recipient’s parents:

“My word – I am so impressed with the kindness we have been shown from STLF. We are so thankful to be able to send our son to wilderness therapy. This would not have been possible without the grant. To me is is a miracle that he has been able to go. We have already seen a few positive things happen to him, mostly is that he is still living. This kindness shown gave me peace when I didn’t know where to turn. When we received notification from STLF, I cried and was overcome with so much emotion. We needed help and you were there for us.”