Stories from the Journal

Fall Giving Campaign

“Our family is eternally grateful to Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF) for the services they provided during my family’s most difficult times. We benefited from STLF services in several areas, including financial support to attend wilderness therapy, 1:1 parent coaching services, and access to STLF podcasts that include relevant topics and expert advice from wilderness therapists.

I am a single parent household with two daughters and the addition of my younger daughter, Samira, was a struggle from day one. Through years of therapy, Samira has been diagnosed with an onslaught of labels, including the following disorders: attachment, oppositional defiance, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as dealing with severe depression. As she completed 7th grade, Samira’s struggles compounded during the height of the pandemic, which led to her taking an overdose of her prescribed medication. Taken on Easter morning, this action was extremely scary and eye opening for me as a parent. Upon being released from a 24 hour hold and reviewing a proposed treatment plan, I knew I needed to find a program that specialized in severe family trauma.

Based on a referral, I swiftly investigated wilderness therapy programs and learned about Sky’s the Limit Fund.  Upon my investigation of the STLF website, I learned of many resources and options for our family. Not only did STLF provide the immediate resources I needed, but they supported me throughout the 17 weeks that Samira attended wilderness therapy. During this time, I explored the podcast topics about what to expect from wilderness therapy and met with my family coach for 1:1 sessions. Meeting with my coach was the most beneficial aspect of my journey, because she was knowledgeable about the topics that I knew very little. She prepared me to ask pertinent questions of Samira’s primary therapist, she guided me to develop the family contract that would eventually outline the family agreements upon Samira’s return from wilderness and most importantly, she coached me through my daughter’s difficult transition back home.

Samira’s return home has been filled with emotions and learning opportunities for all, but both Samira and I are thankful to the team of experts that has helped both of us along this journey to being a stronger family unit. I continue to grow into my parenting and Samira continues to challenge herself to manage tough emotions, but we are enjoying the many benefits of our experience.” 

“Before I went into Wilderness Therapy, I was fragmented, lost, and completely disconnected from reality. I couldn’t trust anyone and all options seemed bleak until I received a scholarship to attend wilderness therapy. Upon arrival, I knew I had found my safe haven and I finally got the help I needed. Being fully immersed in nature, guided by passionate and empowering staff, and presented with situations where I could learn and grow has given me the strength to keep moving forward. I’ve gained so many tools and resources to be my best self and have safe, mutually beneficial relationships. I can confidently say my life has completely changed because of Wilderness Therapy, and I’m eternally grateful to all who supported me.”