Facebook & Instagram Fundraising Instructions

Create a Facebook Fundraiser Donation Campaign

  • Personalize your story and share your connection to STLF.
  • Be sure to add pictures
  • Make sure to share your donation post with the Sky’s the Limit Fund facebook page

Create a One Time Facebook Donation Post

  • From your FB timeline, click “What’s on your mind?”
  • Then scroll down to “Support a non-profit”
  • Add a picture and some text and share your post
This is a great way for our supporters to promote one-off asks for STLF without having to commit to a fundraising goal or timeline.

Create a donation button on Instagram:  (Two types available)

To post for 24 hours Donation button on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram Account.
  • Tap on Your Story in the upper left corner.
  • Select a picture from your camera roll that best represents Sky’s the Limit Fund or your donation campaign.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to view the sticker tray. Select the donation button. Then select Sky’s the Limit Fund as your charity.
  • From here you can add type, colors and move elements around until you are happy with your post.
  • Select Send To at the bottom right of the screen or simply select your story button in the bottom left of the screen to make you post live for 24 hours.

To permanently keep this story on your profile, add your donation post to your Instagram story highlights.

  • Once your donation is posted on Your Story, select the Highlight button at the bottom of the screen (a circle with a heart in it)
  •  Over the ghosted word Highlight, type what you want to say, for example you might type Donate
  •  Next press the blue Add button
  • To view your Highlight, go to your profile page.