Soaring Coots – Going for the Records

Taking on Some of the Toughest Ultracycling Races for Sky’s the Limit Fund because youth in crisis and their families deserve support.

Journey To Better Therapeutic Consulting has brought together four world-class ultra cyclists to raise awareness of the mental health challenges facing our children, and resources to help them, through Sky’s The Limit Fund (STLF) and their wilderness partners:  True North WildernessNew Vision Wilderness TherapyBlue Fire WildernessOutback Therapeutic ExpeditionsOpen Sky WildernessAnasazi FoundationSUWS of the CarolinasPacific QuestSummit Achievement, and Aspiro.

Therapeutic Wilderness programs exist to provide a rich, intensive, clinically-proven therapeutic experience for a child and their family struggling with mental health and addiction, providing tools to get better. However, this level of care is costly, and beyond the reach of many families. STLF does their best to provide much needed financial support, and their wilderness partners match their grants 100% with a reduction in tuition.

Each of our riders have their own story to tell, facing mental health challenges in our own families. Riding has become a platform to manage stress, support worthy causes, and hopefully make a difference to others.

Your tax-deductible donation to this cause will go directly to families in need of support for their child’s recovery, right now. 100%.

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