Mackenzie (Kenzie) Keefe MSW, MS

Mackenzie (Kenzie) Keefe MSW, MS

Young Adult Coach

Kenzie discovered and studied the professional field of wilderness therapy at the University of New Hampshire, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Outdoor Education.

Following her undergraduate studies, she joined the team at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy as a field guide. After two years in that role she transitioned to Field Manager and then to Psychiatric Assistant where she worked directly with Open Sky Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Braunstein as well as with the Field, Clinical, and Medical teams to ensure the students receive the best psychiatric services throughout their stay.

In 2019, Kenzie returned to UNH to continue her education in the Master of Social Work and Master of Science: Adventure Therapy dual degree program. Kenzie works closely with Dr. Michael Gass and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center to continue advancements in the field of adventure therapy.

September 1, 2019, Kenzie joined the team at Sky’s the Limit Fund to serve as a direct link to the most recent actions in the field of wilderness therapy. Kenzie created and leads STLF’s Wilderness Graduate Connect Group. The mission of this group is to provide a safe healthy space for wilderness therapy graduates, who are 18+ years old, to actively connect and support other individuals who have been through wilderness therapy programs and continue to integrate wilderness experiences into current life situations.  As of April 2021, Kenzie is leading the Young Adult Coaching Service and offering valuable support to our young adults post wilderness therapy. Kenzie will pursue a LICSW after completing her degree and will work as a clinician in the field of Adventure Therapy.

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