Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Eve Taylor, JD, is the Founder of JET ED Consulting, an academic consultation and coaching service based in San Francisco. JET ED Consulting specializes in advising and supporting students and families affected by learning differences and emotional challenges. Jennifer has extensive experience helping to place students with mental health diagnoses into appropriate therapeutic programs —which vary from acute psychiatric hospitals to wilderness camps and specialized boarding schools.

Navigating the wealth of therapeutic options available can be a logistic and financial nightmare, but Jennifer knows her way through, because she’s been there with her own child. She’s personally experienced the endless worry, confusion and lack of understanding that often comes hand in hand with being the parent of a child with a complicated diagnosis. She gets it. Over her career, she’s helped families make difficult decisions, always emphasizing the whole student with a focus on personal growth, emotional regulation and life-skill development.

Ms. Taylor’s expertise is highly sought after as a speaker for parents, educators, conferences and learning institutions including Sonoma State University, Marin Department of Public Health, Marin County Schools and STAR Academy. Some of her more notable engagements include her podcast with Karin Gornick (executive producer for the films AngstScreenagers and Like), contributing articles for the Marin Independent Journal and commentaries for NPR’s All Things Considered.

Jennifer is a member of The Right Door, a collaborative organization that includes psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, behavioral consultants, tutors/educational therapists, academic coaches and high school/college/career counselors. We each have independent practices, but by working within this professional community to share resources, ideas and office space, we improve our clinical/educational work and our practices.

Additionally she is the Board Chair of the Therapeutic Consulting Association and Professional Member of IECA and Founder of the Marin Chapter of Willows in the Wind. She volunteers with Horse Buddies, Bread & Roses and does pro bono work for Saving Teens. Ms. Taylor is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of San Francisco School of Law.

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