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Photos for Reaching for the Stars Bay Area are now available!


Reaching for the Stars Photos

A big thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors and speakers who have made the morning truly special and inspiring.


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Thank You PQ!

Pacific Quest gives Sky’s the Limit Fund a loud shout out for the past year’s successes in helping more teens and young adults transform their lives through outdoor and wilderness therapy programs. And we couldn’t shout back louder!

Incredibly unique, Pacific Quest “integrates evidence based therapeutic methods, whole-person wellness and organic gardening to sustain a healthy community and motivate change.” We couldn’t be more amazed with the core philosophy of Pacific Quest and its values as it creates an open, thriving space for young people to bloom.

Follow this link to Pacific Quest’s blog post and learn about families who have experienced real growth with the help of Sky’s the Limit Fund’s financial assistance. We are honored to be able to help these teens and young adults find their journeys through wilderness and outdoor therapy programs.

Successful Collaboration with Sky’s the Limit Fund!

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Alhouse Deaton Has Adopted STLF as Charity of Choice!

For Sky’s the Limit Fund, the new year is looking brighter than ever. When the Bay Area comes together, the possibilities of helping those in need becomes real and infinite. Alhouse Deaton has shown that their role in this community is one of giving back; and this means they are doing everything they can to help families who live and work here thrive. Sky’s the Limit Fund is dedicated to our mission of saving the lives of youth in crisis through wilderness therapy programs. Thank you Alhouse Deaton for realizing our mission can help the Bay Area and the nation.

Please visit the Alhouse Deaton website by clicking here to see how they are helping STLF! 

“For 2017, Alhouse Deaton has adopted the Sky’s the Limit Fund to give back to the San Francisco bay area which has given us so much; a not-for-profit whose community minded focus is very much in line with Alhouse Deaton mindset for our community and our business – Sky’s The Limit Fund.

We believe that in order for our cities to grow and thrive, our children must be healthy to continue this valuable mission forward and for this reason we have selected the Sky’s The Limit Fund for 2017.”

For more ways to help Sky’s the Limit Fund, please visit:




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STLF Board Member, Kathy Bridgman, Receives Philanthropic Award for Volunteerism

We at Sky’s the Limit Fund cherish our respected Board Members who make a difference in the communities we live and thrive in. Kathy Bridgman is a shining star in the Los Altos community and has served on the STLF Board since 2010. We could not be happier to announce Kathy’s award for volunteerism given at the Los Altos Joint Community Volunteer Service Awards. 

“Kathy Bridgman was one of STLF’s first board members. She immediately identified with the organizations mission of supporting families of youth in crisis through wilderness therapy programs. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the organization by speaking with families in crisis and volunteering her time. In addition, Kathy is always thinking of creative ways to expand our reach within the community. STLF founder Rochelle Bochner states, ‘Kathy Bridgman is one of the most humble, genuine, positive, and caring individuals I have ever known.”  – Lost Altos Awards Commiteee

Please click here to read more about Kathy Bridgman and other award recipients in the Los Altos Town Crier.

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Sky’s the Limit Fund has been chosen among many deserving, influential non-profits to be a recipient of the Los Altos Town Crier Holiday Beneficiary Fund! Words cannot express our gratitude to the community of Los Altos and its generosity in representing Sky’s the Limit Fund as an important charity for the holiday season.

“The Town Crier Holiday Fund was launched in 2000 to raise funds for small hands-on non-profits in Silicon Valley, particularly those serving families and children. Most of the organizations selected use many volunteers, and maintain a high level of efficiency in percentage of funds which actually touch the lives of the needy.”

To learn more, please follow this link:

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