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In Memoriam

Setting Up an In Memoriam Fund

“In memoriam” donations are a special way to honor or remember a loved one who’s passed, while transforming the life of a youth in crisis. In lieu of flowers, one time or recurring donations can be made on a custom or general webpage. STLF will send donors a personalized thank you letter and will notify the family of the donation. Funds donated may be restricted to a specific wilderness partner program or left unrestricted. Funds raised will be awarded to families in need on an on-going basis as part of the STLF’s wilderness therapy grant process.

Families often wish to mark a special occasion as a tribute to a loved one, for example on a birthday every year. STLF will support the family to best celebrate the life of the loved one.

For more information regarding setting up an “In Memoriam” Fund, please contact Sophie by Email or by phone at 650-472-2915.