John and Belle's Trek for Wilderness Therapy

During the last five years John has been exploring strategies for self-medicating bouts of depression and anxiety. As a believer and promoter of nature-based healing, John is utilizing his own brand of “wilderness therapy” to improve his mental health and long-term stability. Currently, John is combining the healing ability of nature, consistent physical exercise, and intimate social connection with others in the form of a long trek along the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-1806. John began his journey in St. Louis and is en route to Astoria, OR, by foot and canoe. Once he reaches the Pacific Ocean, he will about face and return to the starting location. In total, the journey will take 2-3 years to complete! His trail companion, Belle, is a 12 year old English Setter. Together, they’re sharing they’re story with everyone they meet and promoting Sky’s the Limit Fund and other eco-therapy related programs. John has been privileged with the means to create and employ a form of wilderness therapy that works for him, but realizes it is not plausible for everyone. He is passionate and faithful in the potential of eco-based therapy and would like to contribute to the awareness and accessibility of such methodologies to those battling mental illness and other traumas.

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