History and Inspiration

History and Inspiration

It all began in early 2009 over a hot cup of coffee in a small café in Los Altos, California. Our founders, Rochelle Bochner and Lani Dorff, sat down to discuss the benefits of wilderness therapy and how they could help make wilderness therapy available for all those who need it regardless of cost.

But, let’s back up a little… less than 6 months prior, Rochelle and her husband launched their son off to college for his freshman year with hopes and dreams for a successful year.  Soon, however, they realized that their son was in trouble, and it quickly spiraled out of control.  They had to intervene and find their son treatment and healing.  It wasn’t until they found wilderness therapy that things started to turn around and they began to get their son back.  Rochelle says often that wilderness therapy “saved her son’s life.”

Wilderness therapy is not covered by insurance and the cost can be upwards of $600 a day, with a typical stay being 10-12 weeks. Rochelle quickly realized that this life-saving treatment was only available to those with financial means.  With the desire to increase the accessibility of wilderness therapy, and over a very long cup of coffee with Lani, Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF) was born. 

Since inception, Sky’s the Limit Fund has committed to help fund wilderness therapy for as many  families as possible. By doing so, STLF has eliminated the stumbling block where cost was an issue, thus being able to help youth in crisis and their families, which ultimately transforms, and in many cases, saves lives.  We partner with some of the nation’s leading wilderness therapy programs who match our funding with a reduction in tuition, therefore providing even more assistance for the families in need. 

Thanks to the inspiration of our founders and all who have helped (and continue to help), Sky’s the Limit Fund has broken down the barriers so that wilderness therapy is now an option for many who otherwise couldn’t afford it.