The mission of Sky’s the Limit Fund is to transform the lives of youth in crisis and their families by providing access to wilderness therapy programs, coaching services to guide families during the transition home, and outreach to educate the community on the benefits of wilderness therapy.

Sky’s the Limit Fund provides families with immediate crisis support, funding to attend one of our 12 Wilderness Therapy Partner Programs, and coaching to support the family and young adult during the transition back to the home.

Once a youth/young adult is accepted to one of our Wilderness Therapy Partner Programs, families with financial need complete and submit a STLF application, which includes providing financial documentation. Once the application is reviewed by STLF staff, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and/or young adult have a phone interview with STLF staff.

Funding approval is based on the family’s financial necessity and overall commitment and dedication to helping their child. A monetary grant amount is then determined.

YES! Our Wilderness Therapy Partner Programs match Sky’s the Limit Fund’s funding 100% with an equal reduction in tuition — thus doubling the financial support for the family.

Every family that receives financial support from Sky’s the Limit Fund also receives 12 weeks of family coaching to help ease the transition home for the entire family. The STLF coach helps answer questions, finds local resources, and provides guidance as issues arise.

The families we help find us through several avenues: (1) a referral from one of our 12 partner programs: (2) referral from an Educational Consultant, Therapist, Educator or other industry professional: or (3) an internet search.

There are many opportunities to help Sky’s the Limit Fund. You can donate, volunteer, attend a local event, or host your own event. Please go to www.skysthelimitfund.org to learn more or call 408.618.8093

One of our families has started a podcast for this very reason – for parents by parents.  They discuss many relevant issues regarding sending a youth off to wilderness therapy.

Take a listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wilderness-therapy-residential-treatment-center-journey/id1508380762