COVID-19 Response Fund Testimonials

STLF’s COVID-19 Response Fund Allowed these families to continue treatment for their Youth in the field

“Words fail to describe how grateful my husband and I are to “The Program” for being there for our son, “Nick”, who has been with you for almost a month…  We were not in a position to afford The Program or any other treatment program for Nick – a family member loaned us the money for Nick’s treatment.  We lost everything, including retirement savings, after investing in a small family business just before the housing collapse and recession of 2008.  Our business failed within three years.  We owe the IRS and are paying them monthly. We were forced to declare bankruptcy, were essentially homeless for a short period of time and are still digging ourselves out of the wreckage.  My husband was laid off last week in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic which leaves us wholly reliant on my salary from a public school where I serve as an administrative assistant and earn less than $50,000 annually.  That doesn’t go far where we live when you have four people to feed and clothe.  It is not easy to lay these facts bare; we do it for our son.  We are completely humbled.
Nick’s counselor advised us he ideally needs to stay for 75 days, yet our loan will provide for only 60 days.  We think Nick should come home next week, after 30 days, if we are unable to extend to 75, so that we can reserve our funds in case Nick needs to return.  This scenario frightens us; We know that Nick is not ready to come home.
I say all of this in the hope that you might be able to help us.  I pray that there is a scholarship opportunity and that you might be moved to extend it to my son.  Thank you for all you have done already and for considering this request.  We are eternally grateful. “

                                              -Parent of a child already in the field at an affiliate Wilderness Program   



I want to thank you so much for the financial grant you offered my son to help make it possible for him to (continue his) treatment through a therapeutic wilderness program.  My 15 year old son is struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse, which has almost taken his life on two separate occasions.  We have tried many recommendations of treatment for him, none of which have really helped him.  My insurance does not cover any part of treatment at a wilderness therapy program, and this is 100% out of pocket.  Financially, this is extremely difficult.  I am currently furloughed due to Covid19 and receiving unemployment.  The financial strain has been extremely stressful and unmanageable, along with the stress of trying to find the right resources to help my son.  I am confident, that if he didn’t get into this program, he could have ended up with another overdose, or worse.  I am overflowing with gratitude for Sky’s the Limit Fund!  This grant has taken the financial burden down, and made it possible for him to continue in the program.  Thank you Sky’s the Limit for your generosity, especially during COVID19!!  I am forever grateful for your help! 

                                                                                                – Parent of a youth in Wilderness Therapy