Transitional Support Services - Family Coaching

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Sky’s the Limit Fund is excited to announce our new and essential aftercare approach developed specifically for Sky’s the Limit Fund families: 12 weeks of dynamic, structured family coaching support for grant recipients once they graduate Wilderness Therapy. Understanding that the families who utilize Sky’s the Limit Fund grants often do not have the resources to transition onto traditional aftercare, the STLF Family Coaching Program is an affordable solution for the complex transition home from wilderness. Sky’s the Limit Fund’s mission now includes the ongoing support beyond Wilderness Therapy.

Family Coaching Program Testimonial from a Vermont parent of a 14 year old girl: 

“The STLF Family Coaching Program has been extremely helpful and beneficial for our family. Our family coach has helped us understand the changes our daughter has undergone during Wilderness Therapy and how they play out as she reintegrates into family and community life. Our coach’s knowledge of Wilderness Therapy has been critical to our process. The curriculum provided by our STLF coach is inspiration and further education on where we want to go as a family and how to get there. Between this program and the scholarship aid to get our daughter to Wilderness, you have been an incredible help to our whole family.”

Meet the Family Coaches

Lauren Lollini, MA, LCPC

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    For over 10 years, Lauren has worked with individuals and their families helping them to find the answers for positive growth and change. Doing most of her clinical work in Colorado, she moved back to Illinois in 2013 to be closer to family.She received her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado in 2005 and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Lauren has worked with children, adolescents, young adults and their families ever since. Lauren has extensive experience with parents helping to teach, support and nurture their relationship with their children. She is a very collaborative professional, reaching out to all who might help promote the growth needed for a client to reach their individual goals. While working as a wilderness therapist and then the Admissions Director at a nationally known program, Lauren became affiliated with Sky’s the Limit Fund and helped to place the Fund’s first students. She has remained an ally of the program and is very excited to be a part of its new family coaching services program. In addition to her work as a therapist in her private practice, Lauren also works as a parent coach. Lauren is able to help explore an individual family dynamic to assess and provide the best support while balancing this with the proper tools to help move a family in a better direction. Her services include working on proper communication, setting boundaries appropriately as well as teaching patience, respect and listening skills.

Rebekah Tayebi, MSW

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    Rebekah Tayebi earned her Master’s in Social work from Columbia University, specializing in clinical work with families and children. While there, she worked in the heart of the inner city, building group therapy, mentoring programs, and offering individual therapy to young children and their parents. She left New York to begin work as a clinical therapist in residential treatment. While there, she specialized in work with mood and behavioral issues, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, and adoption issues. While there, Rebekah co-founded a Yoga for Teens program, using the physical practice of yoga as a way into recovery. After working in residential treatment, Rebekah moved on to the aftercare world, serving families nationwide. As an aftercare specialist, she learned to recognize major patterns in the return home process and how to support families through the inevitable highs and lows of their transition. She founded Satya Family Coaching—a yoga inspired service focusing on aftercare and preventative work for teens and young adults. Her blend of eastern philosophy and western psychological approaches helps cultivate peace at home. As a former STLF board member, she feels honored to work with families in the aftercare process. She hopes that her years of coaching experience, curriculum building, and crisis intervention will add to the quality of care each STLF family experiences. Rebekah is thrilled to be involved with this program in its developmental stages and has a vision of building this service into a therapeutic mainstay.